We bought a house!

We bought a house!

It finally happened and I couldn’t be happier. We were thinking (dreaming) about buying a house for a while now.

That was one of the reasons we decided to leave California and move to North Carolina.
We both loved California and leaving there but we knew we will not get a house there. It’s so crazy expensive! I wasn’t interested in 1 million loan… That’s why we got the opportunity to move to a different state we took it.

We’ve chosen North Carolina even though we’ve never visited it before!
We canceled our lease in California and flew to NC for a weekend to find an apartment. I was terrified cause we couldn’t find anything we would like. We also didn’t realize it might be hard to find something in such a short time. But when we thought we will end up homeless we found a townhouse we actually liked! We signed a lease for 12 months just to buy a house just after 4 months 😀

We thought it will take us much longer to find a house we will like so much we would actually buy it. The house we bought was the very first one we viewed!

I loved it from the beginning. I fell in love with the neighborhood and there was something in the house that might me feel like home.

I love absolutely everything about our house! I will not share everything just yet cause it’s not quite ready yet. I will soon share more details!

The porch furniture was one of the first pieces we bought and we haven’t used it yet 😀 Most of the days it’s still too hot and humid to sit outside but hopefully, it will cool down soon.

I got these lamps on sale and I regret I didn’t get more of these. They actually came with a remote that let’s you set up time and change colors.

One of the things that were super important for me was a white kitchen. I am not a fan of brown kitchens. To be honest not many older houses have white kitchens but we got lucky!

I cannot wait for cold days to turn on that beauty! Fireplace was always my dream. Cozy evenings under a blanket, with a cup of tea and book. That sounds like heaven to me.

I think the combination of woof, gold metal and ‘marble’ looks great in our hallway!

Some motivational words in my office and I finally got a medal holder! I ordered one with 50 states and I am hoping to one day run them all 😀

I love our bathtub! It’s sooo comfy! Plus the view on the trees outside makes it so peaceful. I always loved taking baths but I was done after 10 min 😀 in this bathtub I can sit for hours!

There is still soo much we want to do but it’s impossible to do it all at once. We slowly making it our own and enjoying the process.

Soon I will be sharing more details and showing each room. Stay tuned!


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