Seattle – City of rain

I am a huge cat lover, and I am definitely a crazy cat lady – and I am proud of that! But I will never be as crazy as my friend Mindy and my cats won’t be as cool as Cashmere (Pepper & Charlie – just kidding, you are the best!).

If you haven’t came across that cat on Instagram, you have to go now – @cheerscashmere and meet Cashmere – the most social cat I’ve ever met! If you are interested in his journey follow him on IG!

Of course we couldn’t go on a vacation without having Indian food for dinner. I have to say that it’s really hard to bit Indian food you can get in NoCal and of course Seattle’s food wasn’t close to the food we are used to. Don’t get me wrong, it was good! But it wasn’t as good as the one at home.

We also enjoy Thai food, that’s why we go quiet often to Thai restaurants. Here you can see fried tofu and Tofu Pad Thai (which is my favorite Thai dish), and again food was good but not mind blowing. I went, I ate, I wasn’t hungry, so I guess you can say mission accomplished.

I don’t have many photos of the food, cause I didn’t come across anything amazing, that would be worth to share with you guys.

Great Wheel is definitely something worth to see/do in Seatlle. It’s not crazy expensive, I think it’s 12$ per person. The view is great! And you can get drinks downstairs, so if you feel like having a glass of wine while enjoying the ride, you can do that!

If you are afraid of heights (or your own shade – like me) you might reconsider going on that, as it gets pretty high up and it’s wobbly!

You MUST go to Wings over Washington! I repeat, you MUST! It’s the coolest thing we’ve done in Seattle. I loved it and I would love to go again!

Seattle has lots of small, hidden gems, like that tiny restaurant on top of Pike Market Place. They have gardens where they grow veggies! Polish people look closely on the door, can you see it?

It looks like our must do on every trip is to eat Indian and go to the Farmers Market. Pike Market Place it’s huge and crazy busy! You can get there everything from flowers to fish. It looks differently than a Farmers Market that I am used to. I think it’s great and definitely worth to see but it’s too crowded for me. I like to walk around, look, touch & smell my veggies without a rush, you won’t be able to do so there.

In the same area – Pike Market Place – you can find Gum Wall, which is a wall with tons of.. bubble gums. If you want to leave your own mark, make sure you get one before, chew it and stick it to the wall.

The most known building in Seattle (mostly known from Grey’s Anatomy) – Space Needle. I was really hoping for dinner at the very top, but unfortunetly the restaurant is closed as they lots of renovations. You can still get to the very top and admire the view of the city.

We were pretty lucky with the weather, on the first day it was sunny and no rain at all – perfect weather to walk around and explore the city. On Sunday we had sunny morning, but later on it started raining pretty bad. Which I think was great cause we got the chancre to taste the real Seattle weather.

💌 P.

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