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Santa Monica

Hello from sunny Santa Monica!

I forgot how gorgeous and fun this place is! When you think about California (you probably imagine beach, sun, tanned people running without t-shirts, surfers) you think about Santa Monica.

We spent there last long weekend on walking, eating, sightseeing and just enjoying the relaxing vibe this city has.

If you are in town you have to do the walk from Santa Monica to Venice Beach. It’s about 3 miles walk along the beach with gorgeous views.
And Venice Beach is even better than SM! Lot’s of street art and street food.

I was so happy to see more and more people are selling fresh fruits and veggies as snacks!

Sushi Venice is a must try! I was skeptical at the beginning to try, sushi from a street ‘restaurant’, not sure about that.. I was so surprised how fresh it was! The rice had a perfect stickiness and tasted like it was just cooked, avocado was perfectly ripe.

Brunch at Esters Wine Shop & Bar was beyond our expectations. From the moment you enter you can feel the vibe of that place. Relaxed and friendly.

It’s not one of those crowded and loud places serving fast breakfast. At Esters you can sit and relax with your food and drinks.

I had veggie bagel with cucumber, red onion, mixed seeds, avocado and capers. Let me take you through that bagel: sweet onion, salty seeds, crunchy cucumber, soft avocado, perfectly toasted bagel and the most important part capers. They are the key ingredient.

It was my first time trying capers! And I know I found a new true love.

I am a huge Indian cuisine fun. I love Indian food. I can eat it everyday. All day.
I do love to try new cuisines but Indian is a one I always come back to and truly enjoy it.

Here in Northern California we have lots of Indian restaurants, and when I say lots I mean it. You can find one on pretty much every corner, and the food is really good. Although my Indian friends say it’s nowhere close to the true Indian food. Have to make that trip one day!

TUMBI Craft Indian Kitchen supposed to be of one of best Indian restaurants in Santa Monica.

From curries I has only two vegan/vegetarian choices, that’s not much for Indian restaurant.

I had DELHI KHUMB KHORMA – FARMERS’ MARKET MUSHROOM,CARAMELIZED ONION MASALA. Which looked like gravy and kind of tasted like it. It was good, but just nothing I would expect to have at Indian restaurant. Prices were quite high, much higher than I usually pay. Long story short – food was ok and overpriced, good for meat eaters (my husband said his butter chicken was delicious), not so great for vegans or vegetarians.

Dawaj te pierogi!

The best restaurants are those found by accident. Do you agree?
That’s exactly how I found that gem. Doesn’t matter if you are Polish, you like polish food or maybe you never tried – Solidarity is a place to go!

I always go to Polish restaurants whenever I have a chance, it gives me a bit of home.

I hope I gave you a bit of Santa Monica’s vibe!

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