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Pumpkin Picking – For Garden’s Sake

Last weekend we finally got the time to go Pumpkin Picking! It was on my list for a long time, but somehow there was always something on the way. And to be fair, the weather can also be tricky. We got lots of rain lately. But this weekend the weather was just perfect. Beautiful, gold, and sunny fall day!

I love North Carolina for the fall colors. That was something I missed a lot in California. The seasons. Our fall here is their winter; it does get colder but not freezing as you would expect to get in winter. I know, I am a weirdo because I love cold, and I am probably one of the not many people looking forward to the fall and winter 😀

Pumpkin Picking is one of my favorite fall activities! I cannot imagine fall without it.

What’s your favorite fall activity?

For Garden's Sake

The Farm we decided to visit was on our list for a few weeks; we saw it while driving around. I quickly opened Google Maps and saved the location so that we can come back. The Farm’s a short drive from our place, probably around 30 min.
It’s called For Garden’s Sake and it’s located in Durham, NC. It’s such a cute farm; you will find pumpkins and mums and plants, trees, and many vegetable plants. They offer a shed of beautifully designed pots that will go with your new plant.

For Garden's Sake

They offer many classes and workshops, like Balcony and Patio Gardening – you can learn how to grow your plants in containers. You can also listen to live music; once a month, they feature a local musician. If you come hungry on the weekend don’t worry, they offer food trucks! It’s a wonderful place to spend a weekend morning or afternoon.

For Garden's Sake

You will meet animals like ducks, turkeys, and goats that you are allowed to feed. The small, charming pond is surrounded by picnic seating, making it a perfect spot for your late breakfast or lunch while watching your kids on a swing. It’s a perfect place for families, but not only!

For Garden's Sake

The Farm is so beautifully designed! It makes the whole experience so enjoyable and fun; you won’t be bored!

For Garden's Sake

For Garden's Sake

looking for recipes that scream fall? here are a few ideas:

Baked Chicken & Rice
Pumpkin Granola
Pumpkin – Spinach Pasta
Chickpea – Pumpkin Stew

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