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Marinated Salmon Salad

There is no fancy recipe needed here. It’s as simple as it can be 🙂 The amount of ingredients is up to you, depending on the proportions you like and how hungry you are 😉

You will need:

– salmon
– spinach
– corn
– cherry tomatoes
– cucumber
– red onion
– tortilla chips
– avocado

To marinate the salmon I used: 1 tbsp soy sauce, pepper, paprika, garlic salt, dried oregano. I mixed all the spices, soy sauce, and salmon. Since my salmon was previously frozen in a Ziploc I put everything into the Ziploc and mixed it.

You can marinate your salmon a few hours or even a day before. But even if you do it for a shorter period of time it will be fine. I marinated mine and put it into the fridge while I was cutting all the veggies.

Baked the salmon in 425F for 15 min.

Do you usually eat salads for lunch or dinner?


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