I have not eaten for a week!

It’s been a while since I’ve finished my juicing detox and so much has happened since then.

But let’s start from the beginning. What is it about and why I’ve decided to do it.

Juice Detox is a form of fasting and detoxing your body while drinking only juices. It gives your body a chance to heal and regenerate. Since there is no new food coming into your stomach and intestines your body can focus on cleaning what’s already in.

I’ve been walking around raw food since a while now. I even tried to go raw, it worked for a couple of days but never for a longer period of time. It’s really hard not to eat cooked food!

I knew that’s not something that will work for me, at least not now.

I’ve heard about juice detox and I thought it would be so great to do that! I didn’t have any major health issues I hoped I will resolve with it but of course, I had some things I wanted to work on.

I started the preparations to the detox at the end of last year with small changes in my diet. The actual detox started a month after that. The plan was to stay on juices for 10 days but because I was going on vacation right after I had to adjust it a bit. It didn’t realize that my body will need some time to readjust to food and that I might still feel symptoms of detox after I finish drinking juices. I didn’t realize that it’s a bit more complicated than just drinking juices.

The juices I’ve drunk were only fruit juices, usually one or two fruits in one juice. The simpler the better. I especially loved apple, pineapple and grape juice! Every juice was about 250ml (I was so scared at the beginning when I read I will be drinking so little) and I had a choice to add some water if I want to have more liquid or if it’s too strong/sweet.

In addition to juices, I also had herbs, herbal tea, and plasma pudding – a mixture of psyllium husk, bentonite clay, and activated charcoal. I could add grape juice to make it taste better.

I wasn’t on my own in all this. I was in a group of 20 people (including my Mom!) and we all were under the supervision of detox specialist.


Preparations started in about a month before the actual juicing. The first thing was to make changes in my diet. My recommended diet was a raw vegan diet with the dominance of fresh fruit and vegetables. Additional I was recommended to dry fast for 12-16h, dry brush and meditate.
Depending on how you were eating before it is possible to feel symptoms of detox in this phase.
I didn’t feel any but I also had a hard time to stick to this protocol. I did not always eat what I should be eating.
I started keeping the diet in about a week before the juicing started. And what’s interesting on a few days before going on juices I completely lost my appetite. When I got hungry I was craving fruits. I could go on two smoothies for the whole day. It made me really happy cause honestly, I started wondering how on earth I will be able to stop eating for a week?!


On the day juicing started I had everything prepared, fruits for juices, ingredients for plasma pudding and all my herbs.
I started my day with morning herbal tea with herbs.

An hour after the tea I had my first juice.

Around lunchtime was time for first plasma pudding.

2 hours break and then another juice and plasma. Around 6 pm I had my last juice followed by herbal tea with herbs.

After the last tea, I had my own little ritual. I created cozy and relaxing in my bathroom to start with an enema and finish with a relaxing bath and dry brush. I prepared castor oil compress on my liver (or kidney) and was ready to finish the day. This ritual was really helpful and helped me to stay on track.
The beginning was easier than I thought it will be. I wasn’t hungry at all! I felt really full, I could hear my stomach grumble sometimes but I didn’t feel hunger.

I mix my plasma pudding with grape juice and it tasted great! (at least at the beginning..)

I think on day 3 or 4 it started getting harder. I started getting the first symptoms of detox, nothing physical just emotional. I went through a whole range of emotions in just one morning. I woke up with a really strong feeling of fear, then I was dancing while preparing first juice to cry later on because my husband was ‘mean’ to me. The feeling of fear was present for a couple of days. I was waking up in the middle of the night for reason with my heart pounding. To help myself with these symptoms I smelled on lavender and also tried tapping (it really does work!).
During the detox, you not supposed to take any kind of medications and with all the symptoms you have to deal in a natural way. I didn’t really have many physical symptoms except headache and mucus in my throat (which btw I can feel now every time I eat something processed and I honestly have no idea if I’ve never had it before or just ignored it). To get rid of headaches I was listening to relaxing music, taking hot baths, smelling on lavender, and doing enemas. For the throat, I was just waiting to clear out.
For me, the whole process was really hard emotionally. I wasn’t physically hungry but in my head.. it was a constant battle. Thankfully I wasn’t alone. I talked with my group every day, shared our experiences and keep each other motivated.
The only physical symptoms I saw were parasites that were leaving my body, not gonna miss them! I was taking special herbs to get rid of them and I could see the first ones already on day 3.

I thought that the biggest problem for me will be doing the enemas but I was wrong. The biggest problem started on day 4 with plasma pudding. I wasn’t able to eat it. It was growing in my mouth. I tried to make it more liquid and drink it but it was even worse. The grape juice I used started smelling and tasting disgusting! I started making the plasma with water instead but it didn’t make it much better. I will not use it with my next juicing. I already found a substitute. I don’t want this to make the whole process unbearable. Because you can really enjoy all of this! Seeing how your body and mind heal and clears out it’s an amazing experience.




I got another protocol on how to safely finish the detox. I was told is much harder than juicing itself and I remember I thought: Are you kidding me? I can finally eat, how this can be harder?! Well, it was. MUCH, MUCH harder.

Once I started eating again my mind was screaming to eat something ‘proper’.
First 2 days were on only fruits – juice, blended fruit, a whole fruit. On day 3 I could add a salad and on day 5 I could add steamed vegetables or soup. I was craving cooked food so badly I ate a sweet potato on day 4 already.
It was really hard not to start eating everything that was available at home and I can see why this is the hardest part.

I am so happy to say that I got rid of my biggest addiction – chips! I loved chips. I could eat the whole pack of Lays (the big ones) by myself while watching tv. Every time I was sick, sad, not feeling well I was eating chips. It was my comfort food. And it was really hard for me to say no to it.
Quitting this addiction was on my list of what I want to accomplish during the detox and I am happy to say it did work!

The other thing that I’ve changed is taking painkillers. I try to stop headache (or whatever else it is) with natural ways instead of reaching for a painkiller right away.

I haven’t made a long list of things I want to change. I wanted to focus on a few things and work on them.

Overall I am so happy with this process. I know I could have done better. But I’ve learned so much through this process! I am excited to do this again! I am planning on going through the same process this summer. This time it will be all by myself as I have all the tools and I feel I can do this on my own. I hope to actually stick to my diet while preparing and stay longer on uncooked food after finishing the detox.

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