Gear Up! – Favorite Kitchen Essentials

Today I would like to share a list of my Favorite Kitchen Essentials. Tools that I use almost every day and I think are worth having in your kitchen.

1. Vitamix

I’ve had a few blenders before I bought my Vitamix. I have to say it’s worth the price! I can see a huge difference in making almond milk, nice creams, smoothies, flours. It’s much faster, smoother, and blends everything so well. I make my own almond milk in a few minutes! I can make oat flour, almond flour pretty much any flour I want! Which is great because I don’t have to store it. I can make as much as I need at the moment.

You can sometimes find deals and get it for cheaper (I got mine at Costco). I don’t know which one is the best because honestly there are so many of them that it’s hard to choose from.

2. Instant Pot

This kitchen essential is a lifesaver! Life = time. You can save so much time with this machine. Most of the time, you just throw all the ingredients in, and you have ready dinner in less than 30 minutes – depends on a recipe, of course. Afterward, you save time again on cleaning. Instead of 5 different pots and pans, you have only ONE to clean! Which can also go to a dishwasher 😉

There are tons of recipes on the internet for Instant Pot and also lots of cookbooks that you can buy or find in your local library. I am currently testing recipes from this cookbook.

I use it quite often in my kitchen, especially on days/weeks when I don’t have time. I am planning on creating a separate tab on my blog with just Instant Pot recipes!

You can make Burrito like this one in just 25 minutes (with dried beans)!

Or Low-Sodium Vegetable Broth

3. Spiralizer

For me, that’s a must-have in a kitchen! And not only if you are on a diet and want to cut on carbs 😉 Although it is an excellent solution to that. But also if you’re going to add more raw food into your diet or you just feel like eating something lighter than pasta. I eat the noodles, both raw and cooked, depending on how I feel.

I use this one and I love it! It comes with a few different blades so you can make different types of noodles!

Try this delicious Low Carb Pad Thai!

4. Mandolin

This one is another time-saver. You can quickly chop veggies for salads, but there is one specific reason I love this tool…

Potato Chips.

You can make perfect potato chips in your oven! Since my Juicing Detox, I quit store-bought and unhealthy chips and now when I crave chips I make them myself.

I use this one and it’s great because it comes with different blades! You need to be careful about using it; it is really sharp! Do not hold a vegetable with your hand; use the special tool that comes with it; trust me…

And last but not least.. an item I wouldn’t be able to use my kitchen…

A life changer for those not so tall like me 😉

Let me know what your kitchen essentials are; there is still a room in my kitchen! 😉

💌 P.

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