Favorite Wellness Apps

Today I would like to share some of my favorite wellness apps with you. Below you will find a list of the Favorite Wellness Apps I use and love and are worthy of mentioning.

1. Down Dog – Yoga

This app had to get a stop among my Favorite Wellness Apps. So far, the best app for Yoga practice I’ve found.

– You can use it for free or in Premium version (7.99$ per month), but there are enough options to use it for free (I do)

The app lets you create you on practice by giving you lots of options; you can choose:

Level of your practice – from beginner to advanced (all options are free)
Type – Full Practice, Quick Flow, No warmup, Hatha, Restorative, Sun Salutation A, Sun Salutation A, and B – it gives you a short description of each type.

Hatha – The perfect Hatha practice. Skip the chaturanga pushups and get a greater variety of standing poses.

Boost – on what you want to focus – and here you will have quite options, but most of them are PRO, and you would need to have a subscription. Free choices: None, Aerobic, Hip Opening. Some of the PRO options are Back Strenght, Core, Low Back Opening.

Length – from 6 minutes to 45 minutes.

Savasana – final resting pose – you can choose length from none to 15 minutes.

Voice – 3 free voices, and more PRO choices.

Music – which is great! I listen to Alt Beats, it’s for free, and I love it! You will find here a few free choices as well as PRO. At the end of your practice, you can see the full playlist from that practice.

Pace – from the slowest (PRO) to fastest (also PRO), free paces are slow and normal – I use normal.

Instruction – Full Explanation is for free, other choices (like Least Explanation plus Breaths) is PRO.

Visuals – choices between Video and Images or None.

So as you can see, there are many options to choose from to make it your practice and never get bored. I don’t practice yoga that often. That’s why free options work perfectly for me. If I ever start practicing more, I might get the PRO version mainly for the choices of Boost. To be able to choose focus on different strengths.

2. Footpath – Running

My favorite app to play my runs. You draw on the map the route you want to run; it will show you the distance and elevation. You can name and save your routes. It is handy in places you don’t know. The app shows you trails and won’t let you plan a run when it’s not possible for you to run. Also, you won’t get lost 😉

3. Aaptive – Workouts

This app is great because you can use it for an at-home workout but also at the gym or for an outside run! They have Rowing, Elliptical, and Treadmill workouts. There are so many choices in each different workout type.

You can filter each type of workout by:

Duration – from 0 to 99 minutes
Difficulty – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Music genre – Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, Chill and many more
Workout status – New or Taken
Additional filters depending on the type of workout, for example, incline and speed

The app also offers programs like Cross-Train to 5k (6 weeks), Total Body Training (4 weeks), and more. ‘

You can save your favorite workouts, create lists, and add exercises to specific lists. You can schedule your activities; the app will add it to your calendar so you can plan week (or more) ahead of your training.

There is no video during the workout, just a voice instruction, which can be weird at the beginning, and probably not everyone will like it. I wasn’t so sure about it when I started, but I actually got used to it, and it doesn’t bother me anymore. You can see the moves you will do, so if you are not sure you can take a look there.

It’s a great app, and there is even more in it that I showed you. I defiantly recommend to give it a try; there are lots of free workouts to choose from. I did buy the premium version a long time ago because I used this app a lot!

4. 10k pacer – Running

That’s defiantly my favorite running app. I love all the apps from this series, and that’s how I started my running journey. My very first running app was 5k Runner, Couch Potato to 5K. I loved it! It’s so easy to follow – 3 times a week running intervals run/walk, perfect for beginners, easy at the begging and slowly more and more challenging but still achievable. If you want to start running, you should defiantly try this app. You would need to invest money in it because the free version it’s an only 1-week demo.

There are quite a few options in this series: 5k, 5k pacer, 10k, 10k pacer, 21k runner. I’ve tried them all except the 21k, which I might try to train for my next half marathon. The reason I haven’t tried it yet it’s because there are so many rest days that I’m not used to 😀

5k and 10k are there to train you for these specific distances. 5k pacer & 10k pacer will help you to work on your speed. I did them both, and I noticed an improvement in my speed! They are straightforward to follow, three runs a week, the app will tell you when to run, walk, run faster, or slower. All of them also work with apple watch!

You can erase your history and start over again anytime!

This program is definitely the easiest to follow, challenging but achievable, cheapest, cleanest looking running app I’ve found, and I’ve been using it for over three years! And you can see I have them all 😀

5. Zero – IF

That’s the newest app I’ve been testing. I wanted to start Intermittent Fasting, and I was looking for a good app. There are so many! I’ve tried a few, and this one is my favorite.

At the very beginning, you see a short explanation of why you should fast, and asks you why you are interested in fasting – you can choose multiple choices.

They are a few different fasts to choose from. I’ve started with the first (the easiest) option. It tells you how long until sunset and when you should start your fast. You do have to set a reminder, though. I wish the app would do that automatically before the quickstarts.

Each fast has a short description. In the Learn section, you can find interesting articles and videos if you want to learn more about fasting.

It is straightforward to see how long you’ve fasted and how long you have left. You will also get a notification when your fast is over.

It also shows you what time you started fasting and what time your fast end.

What I like about this app that it has different fasts with explanations (and also custom fast); it’s easy to use and has Learn tab with absorbing materials.

I hoped you found this list of Favorite Wellness Apps useful and will give some of them a try.

Let me know if you’ve heard about any of these apps or maybe already using some of them? Let me know what you think and which one you would want to try! Also, share your favorite apps!

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